Sawmill Green End Production Supervisor - Mississippi


Job#171201PS Sawmill Green End Production Supervisor - Mississippi
Location: United States
Industry: Lumber
Wage: $60-$90k/year depending on experience
Education Required: College degree preferred but not required.
Years Experience Required:  The idea candidate must have a minimum of 3 years sawmill green end production supervisor experience.

ApplyIf you are interested in this job and have the required skills, please submit your resume in MS Word 


The Sawmill Green End Production Supervisor at this sawmill in Mississippi will manage the day to day operations of the sawmill green end operations at a large automated pine sawmill while promoting safety, quality, productivity, recovery, employee development, manufacturing cost and value goals.  Do not apply if no sawmill or plywood production supervision experience.This is an exempt, salaried position. Reports to the Green End Superintendent. 

Position Responsibilities  

  • Lead the Sawmill with a business mindset to continually improve safety, quality, production, lumber and grade recovery, and costs.

  • Take initiative to research and implement improved operational methods, including reducing target sizes.

  • Ensure a safe working environment for employees including employee training in safe equipment operation and motivate all employees to lead the sawmill green end to superior safety performance; inspect equipment to ensure safety devices are in place and in working order; lead safety behavior by example.

  • Constantly challenge us to find higher values in finished products and in other areas.

  • Team leader strong in encouragement and motivation; cooperate with other departments and department personnel.

  • Promote team communication and involvement within sawmill and between other departments.

  • Manage and direct flow of logs and lumber through the green end of the sawmill.

  • Track and publish critical performance indicators.

  • Fully accept responsibility for department.

  • Day shift job.  Monday through Friday 6am – 5:30pm, until 4pm on Fridays and some Saturdays. Average work days are 51 hours per week. 

Position Requirements: 

  • Proven success at prior sawmill green end supervisory experience.

  • 3 years pine green end sawmill experience.

  • Experience with highly automated pine sawmill green end equipment.

  • Diverse background in the sawmill industry.

  • Strong interpersonal skills.

  • Team oriented leader, engage others in decision making process.

  • Strong technical knowledge of sawmill technology, equipment and machinery.

  • Strong grading knowledge of both dimension, boards and industrial lumber products.

  • Demonstrated ability to innovate and encourage advancement in sound business decisions and in risk taking.

  • A business manager mindset, constantly challenging the status quo.

  • Knowledge, experience and skills associated with appropriate computer applications.

  • Ability to self-direct and prioritize workflow.

  • Ability to manage several assignments simultaneously and meet deadlines.

  • High achiever who demands quality work, is efficient & constantly striving to improve processes & people.

  • High analytical ability

  • MS Office computer skills 

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