Green Field Plant Support

Providing the Best Talent and Systems in the Industry

Top Wood Jobs can help your Green Field plant project become successful though the best in the world support and systems. Top Wood Jobs will work with you to develop the team and systems you will require for a successful project in North America or Overseas. We provide the systems, people, and companies for successful projects through our Wood Connections contacts worldwide. We will work with you to custom develop the team that is required for a successful project with the best in the industry talent. We can provide you resumes of candidates that are best suited for your project and provide you a custom fit team.  Rather than getting whoever is available for your project, we will work with you to select the best in the industry while reducing your cost. Not one company can provide the best people at the right time until now.

We will provide the following resources for Green Field Projects:

  1. Project Scope Definition
  2. Overall Project Management
  3. Feasibility Study Support and Due Diligence
  4. Raw Material Evaluation and Contracts
  5. Energy Systems Evaluation and Contracts Negotiations
  6. Site Selection Support
  7. Staffing – Management through Operations; Permanent or Temporary
  8. Selection Services – Management Team Selection Process
  9. Preliminary Engineering
  10. Environmental Permitting
  11. Project Team Development
  12. Detailed Engineering Support
  13. Purchasing and Equipment Staging
  14. Site Construction Project Management
  15. Start Up Plan and Management
  16. Maintenance and Operations Pre-Start Up and Ongoing Training
  17. Plant Human Resource Systems Development
  18. Plant Maintenance Systems Development
  19. Spare Parts Evaluation, Recommendations and Management
  20. Quality Control and SPC Systems Implementation
  21. Website Development and Marketing

1.   Project Scope Definition
Top Wood Jobs can work with you to custom develop a program to manage the complete project or supply you support for those areas you need help. We will bring in the best candidates in the industry and integrate with in your process, or we can manage the complete project.

2.   Overall Project Management
Top Wood Jobs can provide overall project management with experience with the wood products industry and project management required for a successful project in North America or any other worldwide location.

3.   Feasibility Study Support and Due Diligence
We can help you develop or assist you on your feasibility study of any wood related project. By using consultants and engineers with the background of providing this service for your specific industry and hands on experience, working at these plants where they know the process and financial issues that must be included in a complete feasibility study. We can provide due diligence of your business plan.

4.   Raw Material Evaluation and Contracts
Top Wood Jobs can help you evaluate your raw material needs and locate the options for your location or help identify the best location based on your process or product.

5.   Energy Utilities Evaluation and Contract Negotiations
We can help your facility with evaluating what utilities will be required, which is required for site selection and long term contracts to reduce cost. We can help you evaluate if you should purchase your own power or install a biomass energy and or co generation facility. We can work with local utilities to determine utility requirements and help negotiate the best contract.

6.   Site Selection Support
We can help provide you with site selection support by evaluating the various options as they relate to raw material, energy, transportation, market, staffing, taxes and other items what can provide the plant with the best opportunity to be successful for the least cost long term.

7.   Staffing – Management through Operations; Permanent or Temporary
Top Wood Jobs can help develop the total team or supply either full time or part time staffing for the project. We can help determine and develop the team or we can supply the difficult to locate management and skilled labor. Top Wood Jobs can develop the process to determine the requirements for each position through job task analysis, job descriptions, job postings and the selection process. We can supply either part time or permanent staff regardless of the location. For overseas projects, we can bring in the best people for a one to three year period to start up the plant, locate replacements and provide training and systems so the facility can run without them to reduce labor cost.

8.   Selection Services – Management Team Selection Process
We can supply selection services which include recruitment and selection of the General Manager and all Senior Staff positions. Top Wood Jobs will employ their worldwide applicant search tools and industry networks to efficiently identify professional talent and quickly assemble a team with proven leadership and technical expertise. read more...

9.   Preliminary Engineering
We can put together a team of engineers and consultants to prepare the preliminary engineering needed for a detailed project business plan and documents required for financing and permitting to prepare the project for a successful kick off.

10.   Environmental Permitting
We can assist or provide your environmental permitting for a successful project using companies with the experience for your process.

11.   Project Team Development
We can assist you in developing the project team through a selection process that will bring together the team for a successful project. This includes project management, construction, engineering and operations.

12.   Detailed Engineering Support
Top Wood Jobs will develop a team of the best in the industry engineering support that will have the experience required for your project. This includes process, mechanical, electrical power and controls, environmental, civil and structural engineering. Every engineering company has its strengths and weaknesses. An engineering team should be developed based on your project requirements not by simply the people the engineering company may have for your project. We can help develop the appropriate team requirements and pull together the appropriate engineers and support staff for a successful project at the least cost. read more...

13.   Purchasing and Equipment Staging
We can manage the purchasing and staging of equipment for a project to limit risk and reduce project cost through just-in-time deliveries. We can integrate the spare parts with equipment staging so the plant will be ready for a successful start up without worrying about having the right parts on hand.
14.   Site Construction Project Management
We will supply you with site construction management based on your specific industry requirements and location. Every project will have unique requirements based on the overall project team, location and industry. Top Wood Jobs can locate project management for a successful project for the least coast.

15.   Start Up Plan
Top Wood Jobs can prepare a pre, post and start up plan and schedule that integrates all phases of the project including engineering, procurement, construction, staffing, spare parts, maintenance, quality control, safety, human resource, sales, marketing, and operation systems development. We can supply you with a plan or manage the start up based on the plan.

16.   Maintenance and Operations Pre-Start Up and Ongoing Training
Top Wood Jobs can provide a training program for the plant that includes all management through production staff for a successful startup and future progression and succession planning. We can help you develop your skills matrix and training program required for a successful operation.

17.   Plant Human Resource Systems Development
Developing a human resource system that integrates all systems and provides required local, state and national requirements will reduce risk and provide a safe environment for a successful facility. This can include the selection process of employees, ongoing training systems, performance management, key performance indicators and goals and compensation and benefits determination and implementation. read more...

18.   Plant Maintenance Systems Development
Top Wood Jobs will help you develop all the areas of maintenance for a successful start up and optimized operation at the least cost. These systems such should be developed prior start up so that the right spare parts have been identified, reliability systems and standard operating practices, Lock Out Tag Out and all other safety programs required for maintenance are developed along with training, CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems), work orders and reporting. We can work with the plant management hired for the project to reduce consulting cost before the start up.  read more...

19.   Spare Parts and Tools Evaluation, Recommendations and Management
We can help you develop a plan to determine the required spare parts and tools for a successful start up and stage and organize spare parts and tools. This includes providing all asset data for the CMMS or ERP systems for successful maintenance planning and scheduling. We can provide the management to determine and manage the right spare parts and tools at the right time for start up and the future at the least coast.
20.   Quality Control and SPC Systems Implementation
We can help you develop your quality control program and select the right equipment required for the appropriate quality control systems. This includes an SPC process to identify issues and stream line reduction of quality issues on start up and later. 

21.   Website Development and Marketing
We will help you develop your website and then more importantly get it found on the Internet to attract the right customers. Having a great website and no marketing is like writing a great novel and sitting it on the shelf someone where and expecting people to buy it. You must market your website so people can find it with the right key phrases in a Google search, and then once there they should be driven to contact you.

Top Wood Jobs is prepared to assist you in a start to finish operation or help fill in the voids you may have in your project. We can support you in any location and expedite your project at the least coast. Let us work with you to develop a successful project with the right systems and people. We can assist you in evaluating the systems that best fit your project and location. Contact Top Wood Jobs for all your Green Field project needs.

Industries Include:

    • Biomass Energy
    • I-Joist
    • Laminating
    • LVL
    • OSB
    • MDF
    • Particleboard
    • Plywood
    • Sawmills
    • Wood Pellets
    • WPC - Wood Plastic Composites